The worlds oldest bed 
The worlds oldest bed is 77,000 years old! Archaeologists have found the worlds oldest bed in South Africa, its 50,000 years older than any other bed ever found. The 77,000 year old bedding was made with medicinal plants to stave off bugs & aid with injuries. How creative were our early ancestors!
The worlds largest bed
According to The Guinness Book of world records the largest bed ever made was 26.5 metres or 87ft long by 16.44 metres/53ft. It was built by Commissie Zommerfeesten from the Netherlands in May 2011.
The worlds most expensive bed
With the most decadent of decadent designs the Baldacchino Supreme bed is hand carved with an interior composed of 24 carat gold weighing 200lbs. The Fratelli's Basilees Hebanon Furniture evokes timeless qualities of 18th century furniture whilst applying modern craftsmanship. This OTT stunner would set you back a cool 6.3 million Dollars!
The worlds longest time spent awake 
Randy Gardner holds the official scientific record for longest sleep depravation. In 1964 he kept awake for 264 consecutive hours, 11 days without any stimulants. He was only 17 years old when he set the record!!
The worlds comfiest beds & mattresses
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