Well, there are lots of possible reasons why you might be feeling tired during the day, especially as the nights draw in, the temperature drops and the winter bugs raise their ugly heads, but ask yourself this; when did I / we buy our current bed?

If the answer is 8 years or more ago, then your current mattress may be due a change. An uncomfortable nights sleep will be a huge cause of restlessness and a lower quality of rest - a crucial time when your body does it’s repair work!

Here are a few types of mattress you could consider when shopping for a new one: the traditional sprung mattress, still regarded by many as a cooler, more supportive feel. Memory foam, this provides unrivalled support, tailored to the shape of your body. Then, a mixture of the two, or, a ‘hybrid’ mattress providing the best of both. The mattress is as unique as you so give them all a whirl.

One things for sure, you should definitely visit your local retailer and spend a good amount of time with the sales staff and take time to lie down on each mattress. The manager really won’t mind! Oh, and don’t forget to take your sleep partner with you!

There are lots of brands out there and certain manufacturers specialise in different mattress types so ask about the different options available.

Remember, you can also mix and match the bed frame with the mattress or if your current base is still in good condition just upgrade the mattress or invest in a topper.

One final point that really helps our customers is getting the temperature right. Just like in summer, getting too hot can hinder your sleep quality so can being a little too cold in the winter.

Rather than simply turn the thermostat up a notch, it’s far healthier to increase the tog rating of your duvet. Any good bedding store will have a large selection of bedding options to choose from.

So pop down to your local bed store and let’s see if we can improve your sleep quality to get you feeling more like yourself again.