We have all experienced the benefits of feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, and the bone tired feeling of fatigue following a restless night. Quality sleep helps ensure your mental & physical health and your quality of life providing you with benefits beyond just banishing the bags under your eyes.

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining your physical health; your immune system relies on sleep to keep working to its best ability. Studies have shown that people who have benefited from quality sleep are more equipped to fight off infections when exposed to viruses such as the common cold and the flu. Part of this is because our bodies fight infection with fevers during the night, if you are not sleeping your body is unable to fight the infection as efficiently as it could.

A good night’s sleep can also ward off heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. As you sleep, your body heals and repairs your heart & blood vessels as well as other cells & tissues helping to keep you at a lower risk of chronic illnesses. In addition to this, insulin is regulated while you sleep which helps control your blood sugar levels and thereby influences your susceptibility to diabetes.

Your weight is intrinsically linked to your health and can also be influenced by the sleep you get. The hormones which control hunger are affected by your sleep quality and a poor nights rest often results in feeling hungrier than you otherwise would. This, coupled with your insulin regulation, means that the relationship between sleep and weight related health issues is a vital one.

Sleep is your body’s way of preparing your brain for tomorrow, as well as the physical advantages of sleep, you also receive mental benefits. Your capacity to learn and problem solve is enhanced with a good rest, as is your ability to pay attention, make decisions and be creative.

Most people have experienced an emotional day after a bad night; studies have shown that controlling your emotions & behaviour is inhibited when you are sleep deficient. You are more liable to have mood swings and suffer from stress as you feel unable to cope with some of the day to day problems.

Ensuring the best possible night’s sleep will provide you with a natural health advantage as you assist the body’s innate internal healing.