TCH Furniture is a family owned company with more than 25 years of experience in furniture manufacturing. We are dedicated to create outstanding design and finest quality furniture and believe that our products help people create exceptional atmosphere in their homes.

TCH Furniture launched its first factory in 1990 in the North West of Lithuania and growing demand for their products and established relationships with partners across the Europe set the ground to a following expansion of production capabilities. With additional factories near the capital city Vilnius and family members joining the team, TCH Furniture expanded into bedroom furniture production.

Until this day United Kingdom remains the biggest marketplace for TCH furniture, where we succeeded to established excellent reputation and reliable name as furniture supplier.

Design and Production Design and production are the two inseparable things that TCH is constantly improving…

Natural & Sustainable
Hypnos have honed their artistry over the decades to create beds using luxurious, durable and natural elements. Their generous fillings help to regulate body temperature, wick away moisture and repel allergens. Hypnos beds are 100% recyclable.

With their in-house design team as well as by commissioning some of the very talented British designers TCH Furniture aims to constantly offer a range of different designs to their customers. TCH have strong expertise in bedroom furniture collections and with the innovative manufacturing capabilities they are able to offer a wide variety of finishes across all of their ranges.

TCH Furniture is a company that can actually boast that it makes the products from the start to the finish. Each piece is individually made and the oak is crafted from the finest selection of European oak, sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests, which are normally in excess of 200 years.

Unique to TCH the manufacturing process actually starts with the slicing of the logs to kiln drying and then through the whole manufacturing process, all within the factories control. From the piece parts to the assembly line, each process is checked for quality and stamped. They make sure that each product leaves TCH in perfect condition.

Since all the TCH products are made from natural materials, they aim to secure their environment and develop environmentally friendly processes within their business.

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